Grab your balls. Let’s go.
I would describe you as very eager. You always have this adventurous attitude and everything’s an exciting quest. You’re like a happy kid.
Michael Griffith
  • Niece: Auntie, can I give you a massage?
  • Me: Omg, of course!
  • Niece: Okay, I'll do it later.
  • Me: Can you do it now?
  • Niece: I'll do it in a little bit.
  • Me: Can a little bit be like .. 2 seconds?
  • Niece: (Proceeds to massage me)

Today I rushed to BART to catch an even earlier train and would have made it had I not realized I didn’t have my wallet on me! Not one single cent to pay for my fare.

Luckily, a kind Vietnamese girl lent me $15 to pay for my fare and parking! I’d like to think karma works in wondrous ways. I’ve done my part for others and will continue to, so you do the same and we can all be super happy people doing good things for one another!

Have an awesome day!

  • Me: Hey! How are you?
  • Coworker: Good. How are you?
  • Me: Good! How are you?
  • I really, really, really need to stop doing this. Here's another example:
  • Person: I'm Person. What's your name?
  • Me: I'm Christine. What's your name?
  • It's pretty, pretty, pretty weird and embarrassing. : (